A good week for the hills

From Tuesday to Thursday last week I was at the annual gathering of Diocesan Youth Advisers, the venue this year being a shade north of Nottingham (and no, not Swanwick). This meant that there was no way I was coming home without first taking in the Derbyshire Dales. Within an hour of saying goodbye to colleagues I was donning walking boots in the incredibly beautiful setting of Dovedale and preparing to acquire as much height as possible in the limited time available. A jaunt up Thorpe Cloud proved just the tonic with a fabulous view across and beyond the stunningly green valley. Only on the path on the way back to the car park did I think to take a photo but worth seeing nevertheless. (The picture was snapped just after the famous ‘stepping stones’ where I watched a number of tourists cross in a manner that suggested this involved life-threatening levels of peril).
Clearly you can never have too many hills though and following the trustees meeting on Saturday at Woolhope Cockshoot, I headed over to British Camp in the Malverns to enjoy a circuitous route that culminated (other than descending back to the car park) on Herefordshire Beacon. As I didn’t start walking until nearly 6pm the hills were largely devoid of day-trippers and lycra-flaunters, this quietness blended with the lateness and the residual mistiness, created a ‘holy stillness’ that was utterly enchanting. I was amused to find a QR code riveted to the top step on the Beacon which pointed you to the relevant tourist page on t’interweb … but other than that all of modern life remained firmly back in the valley.
Anyway, Monday calls in a week disappointingly devoid of hillage!

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