Informal Education 2

“Escape the Circus and live beyond the limits of the imaginary lid”
Really enjoyed the opportunity to do the part 2 of my lectures in thee Pedagog series, again looking at Informal Education and Learning.
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Feeling old because only two of the students had seen “Dead Poets Society” but the clip from there and from “School of Rock” produced some lively debate …. as well as leading to me being described by one student as the “Jack Black of Informal Education” *laughing*
The handouts are here if any year one Oxford CYM pedagogs tune in to collect them:
Informal Education 2.pdf
Todays lecture was brought to you by the word “Intentional” and the phrase, “Fostering learning in life as it is lived” *(p7 Informal Education Jeffs and Smith)

Discussion starter cards

Have just been trawling the blog to pull off a picture of the wonderful discussion starter cards BUT to no avail. I cannot believe that I have never blogged about these but that’s the way it looks.
So a post about the discussion cards: Available in either Primary aged focus or Secondary aged focus. They are brilliant and you have to buy a set! Post Ends

Peter Ball

Captain, my Captain
The national Youth Adviser, Peter Ball, is (effectively) being stood down today and I shall miss him enormously for the wisdom, heart and passion he is/was in this pivotal role. As you may have picked up on the blog, I have not been in agreement with either the process or with the rationale; but this is where we are and there will no longer be a national Youth Adviser.
In my mind though, myself and many of my colleagues are standing rebelliously on our desks today and offering the heartfelt salutation, “Captain, my Captain!”
Peter, thank you!
Every blessing in all that you do from here.

Peddling paddling

I’m declaring it national “bring your kayak to work day” and am setting the example to get this new national event off the ground. In truth its a long day of meetings and the like and therefore launching the boat onto the river after work seems like a very good idea indeed.
Carpe-ing the Diem!

Pedagogy and Informal Education

“Youth Work doesn’t happen just because you are a Youth Worker!”
learning project.jpg
It was great to spend some time with the first years at CYM Oxford yesterday and be part of a series of lectures on pedagogy. Always fun to be exploring the practice of informal education and play a little with learning styles and modalities.
The power point is here: Pedagogy and Informal Ed.pdf
The Key texts were Informal Education and Learning Styles but it is also worth noting the website which is dedicated to the art and practice of informal education (stonkingly useful site for essay research). The Honey and Mumford learning styles are a helpful tool too and you’ll find a useful free self-test here.
Next Week we are looking at:

  • The set assignment
  • Curriculum & Planning
  • (Informal Education spectrum from Conversation based to ‘Set Curriculum’)
  • Earthing our previous learning in practice
  • Some group work tools relating to informal education

“Fostering learning in life as it is lived!”

Sessional Youth Worker Thatcham, Berkshire

The Churches are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated, and organised person to lead a team of enthusiastic volunteers at our Youth Club, The BeAt.
Must empathise with the values of a Christian organisation.
The BeAt provides a stimulating, welcoming and safe environment for 11 – 18 year olds on Friday evenings in term time at Thatcham Methodist Church from 7.00 – 9.00 pm
The Youth Leader will be assisted by a very committed support group.
Salary : £12 per hour.
Enquiries to and application forms available from:
Mr J Britt
Tel: 01635 863598 or email [email protected]
Closing date for applications 1st July 2012.
Interviews will be held on 11th July 2012.