Spring into Action

Had a great time at “Spring into Action” (the Worcester Diocesan Youth and Children’s training day) and loved the energy, hospitality and gathered throng of facilitators and delegates. It felt really significant that the Diocese hots such a quality day that both blesses and enables. (Also love the venue, St Peters Baptist Church, a venue that is versatile, light and spacious in a way that Anglican churches can only dream of)
I was leading a group looking at “Transitions” and exploring practice in a way that helped young people to engage and transition at different stages and ages. I ended up talking a bit more than I’d planned but at the same time was so blessed by a great group who were really up for exploring and re-imagining.
crop of priorities.jpg
As promised, here are the slides if anyone wants them: Transitions – Worcester.pdf
If there is anything else from the workshop that you wanted to follow-up, either e-mail or you’ll also probably find something on the blog by putting the keyword into the search box on the right hand column.

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