Go Karting Oxford

gokart oxford.jpgThe Go Kart track that Haddon and I go to (in fact the one that saw past his disability and allowed him to drive) now have a Facebook presence, which I thought I’d flag up as it is a truly great outdoor track and much better/more affordable than the indoor group-owned ones. I really like the layout which is fast and fun, but has the potential for overtaking.
Haddon and I had a session there over the Easter holidays and were muchly amused by the reaction of one of the stewards. He’d seen Haddon walking unsteadily to the Kart, and then have to be helped in. At the end of the session having observed Haddon drive hard, fast and well for twenty mins helped Haddon out of the Kart and said “Wow, I was NOT expecting that!
The track is in the centre of the Greyhound track and is about one minute from the CMS headquarters (near the Mini factory).
If anyone fancies a meet up for a race, give us a shout. Haddon and I would be honoured to swap paint with you on our home track!
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