Oxford Youth works

Really sad to hear that Oxford Youth Works are probably having to draw to a close as income has fallen so much. Twenty three years of great work to be celebrated though and recognition of being an important influence in/on Christian Youth Work.
CYM (who they gave rise to) are not affected by this decision.
IMPORTANT: It’s not over yet for OYW, they have an URGENT appeal in place to try and take things forward. Support them if you can: urgent appeal.pdf

The Ultimate Camper

ultimate van400.jpg
Reading my comic for the month I was drawn to an article on a trip through Northern Europe in a Vdub T25! It either contains a fab typo … or this is THE ultimate camper van! Covering 122,783 miles in two months is some going. By my reckoning that is around 2000 miles a day which would require driving 18 hours every day at a steady 110mph.
ultimate van enlarge.jpg
Dear old Charlie bus only pack 65bhp and is not keen on much over 62mph, newer is not definitely better then 🙂
BTW There is a Bilbos converted T4 with exactly the same layout (but minus a pop-top) as Charlie (The ‘Weekender’) on e-bay at the moment. Come join the clan!


Really excited about Greenbelt this year and looking forward to the mellow wonderfulness that can be found at the BEST festival (IMHO) on the planet.
I’ll be working at the festival this year, I’m in the Performance Cafe (fear not, I’m not playing) as part of the team of operatives. Very exciting. I have, importantly, been given permission to not be on duty when Bruce Cockburn is playing, so I can be at that gig. Great also to see to that Tony Campolo is speaking (but I’ll probably need to buy the Mp3s afterwards methinks).
See you there!
The deadline for discounted tickets is the 30th so worth buying ticketage this week if finances allow it.

The Game

Congratulations. You are now playing the game!
The game is very simple:

  • You are always playing the game
  • You cannot win. You can Lose
  • You lose whenever you remember the game
  • Whenever you remember you have to announce (out loud) “I lost the game!”
  • After you lose you have 30 minutes during which you can remember the game without losing
  • As soon as you mention it to anyone, they begin playing too
  • The goal of the game is to get everyone on earth playing

(You just Lost!)

Spring into Action

Had a great time at “Spring into Action” (the Worcester Diocesan Youth and Children’s training day) and loved the energy, hospitality and gathered throng of facilitators and delegates. It felt really significant that the Diocese hots such a quality day that both blesses and enables. (Also love the venue, St Peters Baptist Church, a venue that is versatile, light and spacious in a way that Anglican churches can only dream of)
I was leading a group looking at “Transitions” and exploring practice in a way that helped young people to engage and transition at different stages and ages. I ended up talking a bit more than I’d planned but at the same time was so blessed by a great group who were really up for exploring and re-imagining.
crop of priorities.jpg
As promised, here are the slides if anyone wants them: Transitions – Worcester.pdf
If there is anything else from the workshop that you wanted to follow-up, either e-mail or you’ll also probably find something on the blog by putting the keyword into the search box on the right hand column.

Go Karting Oxford

gokart oxford.jpgThe Go Kart track that Haddon and I go to (in fact the one that saw past his disability and allowed him to drive) now have a Facebook presence, which I thought I’d flag up as it is a truly great outdoor track and much better/more affordable than the indoor group-owned ones. I really like the layout which is fast and fun, but has the potential for overtaking.
Haddon and I had a session there over the Easter holidays and were muchly amused by the reaction of one of the stewards. He’d seen Haddon walking unsteadily to the Kart, and then have to be helped in. At the end of the session having observed Haddon drive hard, fast and well for twenty mins helped Haddon out of the Kart and said “Wow, I was NOT expecting that!
The track is in the centre of the Greyhound track and is about one minute from the CMS headquarters (near the Mini factory).
If anyone fancies a meet up for a race, give us a shout. Haddon and I would be honoured to swap paint with you on our home track!
Va Va Voom

Spiritual Development

On the cards is the removing of ‘Spiritual Development’ from the new National Occupational Standards for Youth Work and ‘burying’ (to quote a colleague) the notion in a new standard ‘Values and Beliefs’.
Frontier Youth Trust’s staff team and Directors met this week and issued the following statement:
‘We consider that the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work should retain ‘Spiritual Development’ as a stand alone Youth Work Standard in order to best serve: young people, youth workers, employers and maintain a holistic and inclusive approach to human development. The proposed ‘Values and Beliefs’ Standard does not achieve these objectives and runs the risk of not being fit for purpose.’