Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood
I would be grateful if you could make trailers for films that didn’t give away the whole plot in an attempt to ‘sell’ the film. I go to the cinema to enjoy a story … a story as it is unfolding and surprising me; journeying with the characters and immersed in the visual narrative.
I do not go to fill in the blanks between the sections on the trailer, sections that have already given away the totality of what, how, where, when and why.
Think of the trailer as a teaser or a pointer to an upcoming film, not (as so many seem to be) a shortened version of the Film. If I watch the Formula One race highlights I have no wish to watch the race! Stop Sweding the film, albeit in high quality!!
Thank you

2 Replies to “Dear Hollywood”

  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    For the same reason I don’t read the back cover of books anymore.
    OTOH, some of the really bad films I’ve known not to watch because of the trailer… so that’s saved literally hours of my life…!

  2. Ian,
    Your OTOH point is a good one. Am still fed up of the way trailers are done at the moment. I think probably Pixar are the best at putting out a snapshot that makes you want to see the film.

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