I am looking forward to Soulnet muchly, (especially as last time I was due to go the snow rendered it impossible and I never got there). Oh and very cooly also, a co-dweller of the Chalet I am billeted in got in touch via FB to say Hi!
I just have to retrieve the cycle trailer from Shed 2, prep it and put the linkage on one of the old bikes. The reason for this is I am not a big fan of queuing. The funereal procession of cars around the one way system of Centre Parcs to drop your stuff off is, in my mind, a duff start to the stay. So I just abandon the car at the first available Car Park space, attach the trailer to the bike, throw everything onboard and cycle to ‘key collection’ and onto the chalet. (Maybe I’ll make a Youthblog flag for the trailer today)
See you there 🙂
* I have a a new trailer now with a waterproof cover so an upgrade from the Plywood deck above

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