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liddingtonpgl.jpgIt turned into a bit of an Outdoor Education weekend as I also accepted an invitation from PGL to head over to their newest centre, Liddington, to see what they had to offer.
The first surprise was how close it is to me/the Diocese. This centre is near(ish) Swindon, about 5 minutes from junction 15 of the M4 and in some stunning scenery. The second surprise was just how upmarket the venue was! PGL bought what was a failed luxury hotel* in 158 acres of grounds and turned it and the grounds into accommodation for up to 600 young people and a vast array of activities.
So, a weekend of exploring what PGL could offer which was great fun. I took two of my children and we enjoyed the tree top trail, the Zip wire, climbing and Archery (a small fraction of what is on offer).
It is a very impressive operation indeed. The Instructors were excellent, the food fab, the infrastructure great, and the grounds/activities first class. For a place to take a group to (however small or large) where everything is laid on for you it is brilliant …. and the product is nigh on perfect for schools. As a place to take a youth group to I think it is a really good addition to the choices available and has the considerable advantage of you knowing in advance what the costs will be.
I also know that off season it is possible to book the whole place for a weekend and that Gold Hill Baptist Church ran a church weekend for 450 or so people. May also be interesting?
Enormous thanks to PGL for their generous hospitality.
If you’d like to know more about taking a group there then please be in touch.
* The hotel infrastructure is superb but the design was fundamentally flawed in that the bedrooms were just really too small for what you’d expect from a luxury hotel. They actually feel small even for an outdoor ed’ centre but work well enough with 2 bunk beds in each …… and being a former hotel, all have en suite.

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  1. No photo of the bedrooms I’m afraid but typically something like go through the bedroom door and past an ensuite bathroom, this entrance would pass a floor to ceiling stack of built in shelves and emerge quickly into the square of the room. The room itself would be two bunk beds, one either side with the ends to the left of you. A narrow space between the two beds and 2 drawer like boxes under each.
    At the entrance end of the bedroom also some space and the window.

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