One of those weeks

What is this life if full of slog
We have no time to stop and blog.
No time to post, and pose the how?
Or why, or if …. or just the now.
No time to blog the thoughts that pass
Or comment when a reader asks.
No time to see if someone’s right,
When pointing out our oversights.
No time to click and gently glance,
At other bloggers’ circumstance.
A poor life this, if full of slog
With no time left to stop and blog.

I’m normally pretty good with blending together the elements that make up my life but this week has got a little crazy.
evillaminate.jpgThe Epic battle I am currently in with some laminate flooring (it hates me) that refuses to lay down properly and look wonderful is a big component in the crazy week, HAVE TO MAKE IT WORK and FINISH!!! aaarghgh. I spoke at a Synod last night over in Buckinghamshire (proved to be both fun and stimulating) so I wasn’t home until late, whilst this morning saw me on the road at the crack of dawn to get to St Johns College in Nottigham. (Currently breaking the journey at Watford Gap services and benefiting from their wi-fi). Not moaning though, love what I’m doing (APART FROM THE LAMINATE FLOORING!)
I’m speaking at quite a bit of stuff in March which I agreed to ages ago BUT now have to knuckle down and prepare, not my strong suit by ANY means. This weekend though sees me at a PGL centre …… should be fun 🙂
Anyway the M1 beckons
Every blessing for an extraordinary Wednesday

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