Dear Youthblog

I love it when we do a ‘question box’ session on a youth residential. The way I play it is to not open the box until the session itself as it breeds much greater authenticity, trust and discussion. I also love the fact that the questions are a mix of quirky, serious, odd, amazing and sometimes hilarious.
askyouthblog.jpgMusing about the blog and whether it still justifies its’ space on the internet as useful for youth work/ministry I thought I’d love to experiment with the merit of responding to some ‘Dear Youthblog’ type questions. Not because I’m setting myself up as some sort of Guru, but because I think it could be a creatively and useful way to know what I might explore or play with.
The full spectrum from absurd to profound is acceptable and although it may crash and burn, I thought it fun to try! And unlike the first edition of magazines that mysteriously have questions already submitted ….. I will not fabricate them!
So e-mail, comment, tweet (@youthblogoxford) or leave notes under the windscreen wipers of my car! Over to you ….

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  1. Dear youthblog,
    Why does the church constantly talk about the things that divide it (women bishops being the latest ) rather than the things that can make a difference ?

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