Step into Breakfast

Humorous competition anyone?
Oh good ….. read on
A while back (ok, a goodly while) we had a good go at listing songs where the word ‘Love’ could meaningfully and humorously be replaced with the word ‘lunch!’ Here
In a similar vein it was pointed out to me that fun could be had by taking songs with the word ‘Christmas’ in and substituting the word ‘Breakfast’
So, as I’m going to ‘step into breakfast’ …….. it’s over to you 🙂
Prize for the one that makes me laugh the most!

10 Replies to “Step into Breakfast”

  1. Mother to father when kids won’t get up: Do they know it’s breakfast time?
    Shift worker: Driving home for breakfast
    (Slightly distasteful) Hannibal Lecter: All I want for breakfast is yooooooooooou
    I love milk: I’m dreaming of a white breakfast

  2. I want to go the other way, and say:
    Have yourself a merry little breakfast
    It’s beginning to look a lot like breakfast
    Or, for the particularly sleepy:
    Breakfast Time (Don’t Let the Bells Ring)
    Or, for the heartbroken:
    Breakfast Song (Baby, Please Come Home)
    I’m out of ideas now.

  3. Rocking around the Breakfast Tree?
    (Very unappetising-) last breakfast I gave you my heart…
    (From santa baby-) If you’d check off my breakfast list…

  4. My comments haven’t turned up!! Try again… In the meantime both my muppet songs have been taken!
    Eating solo: Lonely this breakfast
    Eating solo for the last time: One more breakfast without you
    After the nightshift: I’ll be home for breakfast
    When hunger strikes: That breakfast feeling
    Setting the table: It’s beginning to look a lot like breakfast
    The morning after the night before:
    Breakfast time, mistletoe and wine
    Possibly the least change in meaning and the most pointedly un-funny…
    Feed the world, do they know it’s breakfast time

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