Blog, blog eggs and blog

Spam continues to be a problem on the blog with incoming hits arriving at approximately two a minute, thankfully the filter is managing to identify most of these and file them under ‘B’ for Bin. One piece of spam that made it through was advertising ‘anti spam’ software, I was amused by the idea of self nullifying spam!
Despite the frustration of endless dueling with the misplaced energy of the evil (although *probably* ultimately forgivable) Spambots it’s been an encouraging sort of a week on the blog. A suggested link to a whole bunch of V-dub accoutrements (Thank you Sandra) and bumping into Tim who ministers under the flyover (and also reads the blog) , has been a great blessing.
How so?
Well, I have very little idea who actually reads this, apart from a few commenters and the odd friend (I also have friends who aren’t odd ….. no, probably don’t actually) so coming across people who access it in this our now Twitter/FB paradigm is great, I may have to go on scribbling stuff.
I’m trying to bring the blog a bit more up to date at the moment but Moveable Type is more complex, it feels to me, than wave particle duality or deriving the proof of centripetal acceleration.
The web master is trying to make sense of it all but so far I have no ‘like’ ‘dislike’ or ‘whatever’ options on posts ….. or a sensible two way link with FB and Twitter. I’ve been blogging for about seven and a half years now, how weird is it that something can become old school in that time frame?
Anyway, if you do still find the blog useful/funny, fab!
Thanks for calling in to this back alley of the t’internet