Worship Diet

In idle conversation t’other day I heard someone say that a style of service or the like was not part of their “worship diet!”
I loved this phrase!
OK, it could be a potentially dangerous view that confines our ‘meeting’ habits to a particular genre of worship, i.e you are a Townsendarian or a Taizen in terms of what you choose to ingest. But, on the other hand, it could be a useful way of asking the question, “What is a balanced [worship] diet?
It’s not about us (duh!) BUT what could be a useful dietry range that enables us to praise God, encounter him … and to be both worshiping … and allowing ourselves to be changed by that encounter?
I’m guessing that a good solid Carbohydrate/Protein combo is whatever it is in our/your tradition that enables that “YES!” in our spirits and opens us to the presence and worship of God?
But could we be at risk of spiritual scurvy if we confine our ‘diet’ to just that that we enjoy and are comfortable with?
Musing into dangerous ground here so I’ll throw out the only concrete-ish thought that is in my head then open the thing up to heckling, discussion and the like.
Silence = Fibre!
What do I mean? Well, ‘fibre’ a key part of a balanced diet but not that which we (usually) enthusiastically embrace!
So …….

  • What might a FULLY balanced diet look like?
  • Is there such a thing as spiritual junk food?
  • Do the young people we serve encounter a range of ‘food?’
  • Have I had too much coffee this morning?

4 Replies to “Worship Diet”

  1. Well, apart from anything else, I love the term “Townsendarian” in this post.
    That makes a worship leader like a dietician, right? The sort of job that only works if people are willing to take their advice. So there has to be a high level of trust both from the congregation and from the worship leader before any kind of dietary change.
    Left to our own devices we will only eat pizza and chips; however we need somebody else who has been investigating and creatively exploring these things (the job of a worship leader, no?) so that we have an expanded palate. Perhaps.

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