Arboreal Activity

As I said, much musing on this one at the moment …. and the importance of it. The Importance of play for health, learning, spiritual life and for relationships and community.
With that in mind, here’s some Play Homework for Friday
Get yourself outside and in the proximity of some trees. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to catch a falling leaf. Trust me this is harder and more fun than it sounds.
Oh and you’ll probably need to leave any self consciousness back in the building!
Go do it (and report back)
Even better grab several other people to play too

conveying to the imagination

cs pic.jpg
“Symbolism exists precisely for the purpose of conveying to the imagination what the intellect is not ready for” CS Lewis
Liking this quote given that I am doing much musing at the moment on play, creativity and spirituality …. and how much under the banner of discipleship is pre-packaged directly for the intellect

Wisdom needed

My colleague, Yvonne, and I are working on a Child and Youth Friendly award for churches as a useful self-assessment and learning tool. The award is in two parts, the first a Welcome Award (looking at how welcoming the church is to children and families), the second is a more focused look at how the church engages with children and teens.
This is a kind of reflective numbered circle we are using and each of the numbers is a defined step.
good news award circle.jpg
We are working on what the steps are, trying to find language that is inclusive and encouraging and that allows for a variety of situations but prompts growth and development, e.g if a church is currently working with young people only up to 12 what would help them as well as prompting thinking about how they may engage with 13+
We would REALLY love additional thoughts, voices, wisdom to help us usefully iodentify and write steps 3 to 6 (but are also happy to have critiques and suggestions for steps 1,2, 7 and 8)
Currently our list looks like this minus steps three through six where we especially need some creative help!
1. We the whole church, have undertaken an honest assessment of
great things to celebrate, things not going so well and where there
are gaps in children, youth & family ministry.
2. We have (and are committed to) a vision and strategy for ministry
among children, young people and families.
7. Everyone who works with children and young people is trained, resourced,
supported and accountable in their role.
8. Progress is monitored, evaluated and reviewed regularly. Children,
youth and their families are included them in this process.
Your wisdom appreciated 🙂


My brain, I think (or at least I think i think), often gets on with being a bit creative and then occasionally lobs the results back into the more conscious part of my grey matter.
This morning for example I was idly drinking a coffee and mulling over the mental ‘to do’ list when I realised that what I really wanted to do today (and I have no idea where this came from) was to have a huge pile of ‘Post-it’ notes, with each of them having ‘Like’ on in a Facebook stylee, and to go through the day putting ‘like’ on all the things I liked!
How much fun would this be, randomly sticky ‘like’ notes onto people, things, places and situations. All the benefits of FB style affirmation without the virtual, life avoiding, sterile non human contact, relational and community substitute that social media can end up being.
This idea has made me happy! (Now looking for post it notes and a marker pen)

Depth 5

For the last four years we’ve run a retreat for Youth workers and for Childrens’ workers in the Diocese. I’m pleased to announce that Depth will happen again in 2012 and will be under the natty tile of ‘Depth 5’ (although haven’t ruled out using a Roman numeral instead)
Publicity to follow but the essential info is that it will be around ‘play, creativity and spirituality’ will be at the lovely Douai Abbey and be in January from Jan 17th – 19th
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