Line Mangement

Having a bit of chat about Line Management at the moment and the importance thereof. I was having a little bit of a “What has Line Management ever done for me” conversation on the way to work and this is the results.
I mean, “What has (good) Line Management ever done for me?”

  • Kept me focused on Priorities
  • Stopped a drift between what I am busy doing and the vision (of the church)
  • Prevented time slippage
  • Delivered accountability
  • Asked questions that I had not considered
  • Brought more creativity
  • Helped me learn and grow
  • Highlighted useful areas of learning and training
  • Helped me to say ‘No’ to things I was finding it difficult to say ‘No’ to
  • Said ‘No’ to things I would mistakenly have said ‘yes’ to
  • Helping me to say ‘Yes’ to things I would probably have said ‘No’ to
  • Aiding long term planning and thinking
  • Encouraging both my work life and balanced time off
  • Providing a big picture conversation

Any other suggestions?