Body Image and Photoshop

A piece in the Daily Mail that includes some really interesting ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures showing that magazine photo complexions and bodies are often not just unattainable but also untrue!
selfimage photoshop edit vs reality.jpg
I thought it could be useful for a discussion session, so here it is
(The article in the Independent has a useful look at what has actually been done to the photos)

Youthworkers and Mission

StreetSpace with Frontier Youth Trust and Church Urban Fund, are seeking ways to help local churches respond to the growing marginalisation of the most deprived young people in the country. In the light of growing youth unemployment and civil unrest over the summer, many churches would like to do more to support young people in their community. Partnering with YOUTHWORK they are gathering evidence from church-based youth workers, with a view to helping churches develop a cost effective and manageable youth work response.
The short, 10 question survey, can be found online here

Is nothing sacred?

is nothing sacred.jpg
Chuckling at the above headline from an article in the Daily Mail.
The cause of such outrage is that the ‘Littlewoods’ TV advert runs dangerously close to suggesting that it is in fact mum and not Santa Claus who buys, wraps and delivers the presents at Christmas.
Ergo: Christmas does have an important sacred centre but it is in fact the commercialized Father Christmas figure that is the numinous heart of this celebration.
kneeling prayerforsanta.jpg

CYM Oxford evenings

CYM Oxford are running monthly evenings for those who minister to children and/or teenagers. It’s a great chance for volunteers to eat together, worship and engage with some learning and support. I think the idea is first rate!
The next one is next week on the 1st December, I commend the idea to you
“Refresh Review Receive” … a programme to support and enable volunteer ministry can be found here