Kayak Rolling

Well in terms of accountability I reckoned I ought to report back on my six week intensive Kayak Rolling Course and the Million dollar question ……. Did I manage to right the Kayak?
Well ….. Almost!
I reckon this has to be about the hardest thing I have ever had to learn and that includes German and riding a unicycle! A counter-intuitive three dimensional balletic challenge that you are attempting to complete in a coherent linked series of movements whilst upside down (and rather further away from Oxygen than you’d like to be), is bewilderingly complex.
Every week has seen me make some progress and grasp some additional part of the challenge. Last night I was within a gnats crochet of getting it (if my instructor is to be believed) but fatigue and time called a halt.
It’s been a fantastic course and I have been SO IMPRESSED with the patient and professional instruction from Adventure Dolphin. I’m booking into the January course and hope to finally nail it. (Leaving around 16 other types of roll to learn).
Reflecting on the whole experience has been really interesting too. There is something really humbling and quite tough about putting yourself in a place where you are a total beginner. I think it’s been good for me. It’s left me wondering about a tendency to stick with what I know.