Am the Hof!

Passed the Lifeguarding course and am a qualified RLSS(UK) NPLQ (catchy huh?) who is certified to hoik dummies, and very hopefully not people, from the bottom of the pool when it is 3.5 metres deep or less.
Certainly feeling my age tonight having found the timed swims/rescues a real challenge …. but also quite chuffed, given that I was nearly a quarter of a century older than anyone else on this particular course – but have done everything expected to pass.

Not the Hof

Limited amount of blogging this week as I’m on my bi-annual Lifeguarding course. Blogging is being negatively impacted both by the amount of time involved …. and sheer exhaustion!
I’m the oldest on the course by around 20 years (eek) and whilst this does have advantages in terms of experience (or at least this is what I tell myself) it certainly doesn’t help with the swimming requirements. Yesterday, in order to continue with the course, we had to swim 100m (4 lengths) on our front, followed by 100m on our back and then (and this was the scary bit for me) immediately swim another 2 lengths in under 60 seconds. Achieving this, especially as we had to be wearing T shirts and shorts was, for me, tough!! Did manage it though.
With three and a half hours a day in the pool though, I am somewhat wrinkly and tired, lol!
I emerge back into normality on Saturday lunchtime, hopefully qualified for Yellow Braces and other camps for the next two years. Prayer appreciated!

Kayak Rolling

Well in terms of accountability I reckoned I ought to report back on my six week intensive Kayak Rolling Course and the Million dollar question ……. Did I manage to right the Kayak?
Well ….. Almost!
I reckon this has to be about the hardest thing I have ever had to learn and that includes German and riding a unicycle! A counter-intuitive three dimensional balletic challenge that you are attempting to complete in a coherent linked series of movements whilst upside down (and rather further away from Oxygen than you’d like to be), is bewilderingly complex.
Every week has seen me make some progress and grasp some additional part of the challenge. Last night I was within a gnats crochet of getting it (if my instructor is to be believed) but fatigue and time called a halt.
It’s been a fantastic course and I have been SO IMPRESSED with the patient and professional instruction from Adventure Dolphin. I’m booking into the January course and hope to finally nail it. (Leaving around 16 other types of roll to learn).
Reflecting on the whole experience has been really interesting too. There is something really humbling and quite tough about putting yourself in a place where you are a total beginner. I think it’s been good for me. It’s left me wondering about a tendency to stick with what I know.

Bad decision

Everyone is at the Youth Work Summit today and tomorrow. My infinitely sensible decision to ‘stay in and do my homework’ feels like the wrong choice now, doh!
Every blessing to everyone gathered in Manchester …… I shall be watching Twitter with interest, #yws11 I see you!

Youth Ministry metaphor

This is the video that went down a storm at our Network day so I’m flagging it up for Youth Ministers everywhere. I think it’s ht to TIm Schmoyer

Oh and for the assembled bretherin and sisterin of yesterday … this, if your brave/crazy enough, is Sonseed:
(**** An Offiical ‘you’ll be humming it all day’ warning ****)