Slant 33

slant 33.jpg
I’ve been turning my hand to a little writing outside of Youthblog and attempting to make sense in a place where I am not known ….. and hence need to punctuate, apply logic and the like. It’s proving great fun, but a steep learning curve. It is requiring a whole heap more work too as I try and find how Youthblogesque scribbling can be meaningfully translated/developed onto a ‘proper’ Youthwork site. Writing for a place where you are not ‘known’ is definitely harder, as is musing on what phrases and expressions may not work for an American based site given how idiomatic my wittering normally is.
The site is called Slant 33. The idea (and execution) is really creative. A question is posed and three people present three views on that question/issue. I’d really encourage you to link, bookmark or RSS …. and read it.
I’m really not sure I’ve got the hang of the writing required yet but I’m thrilled that Mark Oestreicher invited me to contribute.
I’m also really enjoying (in a being brutally stretched) sort of a way the fiendishly brilliant open questions that Slant 33 set.
The first two questions that I got were:

1. How do you pursue personal skill growth?
2. What time and expectation boundaries should be non-negotiables for Youth Pastors?

I’m about to start work on, “How do you decide what to teach?
So check out Slant 33 and if you have any musings or reflections for the above question I’d be delighted if you’d bung a comment this way. Shalom 🙂

Joy and Communion

“Tasting God’s joy, however fleetingly, turns us into women and men of communion. Individualism as a route to happiness is an illusion

Quote that struck me at Taize this summer. (not literally you understand as there is no actual formal quotation throwing element to the ecumenical worship)

And so I’m back …

With apologies to Gloria Gaynor
blog will stay alive.jpg
And so I’m back from outer space
I just walked in to find the blog (but no html in its’ virtual place)
I’ve undone the comments lock
I’ve re-enabled en-ter-ies
I’ll write some of the stuff I’ve reckoned
to see if you’re here to challenge me.
Go on now go … I’m giving you the floor
to turn this blog back on now –
discussing youth ministry once more.
I know I was the one that went (hurt you with Goodbye)
Caused you all to grumble,
A Summer where I didn’t try.
Oh no, oh my
but now I will re-try
I will retry
And as long as you join in too, the blog will stay alive.
The blog will stay alive.