Ministry with Tweenagers

It was great to have such an enthusiastic and fun session on Tweenagers this morning at Church House in Oxford. BIG thanks to everyone who made it fun and interactive.
A pdf of the Powerpoint slides is available for Download: Microsoft PowerPoint – tween powerpoint 2010 for Guildford.pdf
Oh and here’s the the booklet I demi-authored 🙂
Suggested Homework
Watch School of Rock with the following questions in mind:
1. Where is our approach like the school, where is it like Dewey’s (Mr Schneebly)?
2. How does Dewey engage and enable the young people?
3. How does Dewey share his passion and allow others to experience and participate in this?
4. What from the film would you critique and what would you absorb for your approach?

Hope you have fun working with your tweens, remember it’s a B.L.A.S.T 🙂

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