Floored by the task ahead

charliebus ban.jpg
I bought a lovely piece of new vinyl flooring for the mid section of “Charlie” bus to replaced the age’d carpet.
The plan to only do the mid section of just the top layer of actual floor covering has backfired though. There is a certain inevitably with any DIY that the task will escalate, and so it has … big time. (Why does this ALWAYS happen?)
floor rot.jpg
Removing the carpet revealed extensive deterioration of the plywood and polystyrene insulation. Peeling back of this has revealed some rusting to the floor (nothing serious as V-dubs manage to equip the metal with rust hating tenacity). So a simple ‘replace a bit of carpet’ type job has necessitated the stripping out of all fixtures and fittings right back to bare floor. I now have a very expensive delivery van with windows.
Huge relief though that Charlie is only 20 years old and in relatively good nick. Some buyers of T2 vans start peeling stuff back and have the unfortunate experience of finding the whole thing is held together by habit, gaffa tape and filler.

So this weekend I need to:

Treat and paint the floor
Apply a new insulation layer to the floor
Shape a mahoosive piece of plywood, locating and drilling the 17 holes in exactly the right places.
Cut and fit new flooring
Place and bolt all fixtures back in and re connect wiring.
(Gives me a chance to run some speaker wiring to the back of the bus though)
Should keep me out of mischief methinks.