Boundary expectations

Here’s the first part of my most recent ‘slant’ for slant 33, click through to get the rest of it and the other slants’ on this or other subjects: (posting here as blog readers and FB friends contributed to the thinking, thank YOU)
What time and expectation boundaries should be non-negotiables for youth pastors
“The creators of Slant 33 have a particular genius, it seems to me, for posting wise but fiendishly difficult questions; questions easy to relate to but difficult to answer.
As I muse and type, I’m thinking of one particular church I nearly worked for, but at the interview, we agreed to disagree on boundaries and requirements.
The church leadership was very clear that each work week should be the normal work week (45 hours, in their book) plus matching the best of their volunteers, at that time a 20-hour commitment. I decided that a church that set the minimum requirement at 65 hours was a dangerous place to be, for my spiritual health and for my family.
The above experience illustrates the difficulty of answering the question. I don’t have a problem with doing a 65-hour week when needed; it is not a clear nonnegotiable. At the same time, a church that expects and demands that every week is nonnegotiable.
The role of youth pastor, it seems to me, exists at an intersection of two contradictory sets of boundary expectations ……. ” continue reading