Yellow Braces day 3

Sunday morning and a lie in 🙂 Leaders meeting not until 8:00 and then breakfast at 08:30, yay! Time to pray, plan and laugh before joining the campers for “eggy bread” and cereal (not in that order).
The vibe around Yellow Braces was so mellow that there was no need to organise formal activities apart from some ‘dorm group time’ and the space up until drinks was filled with craft and the various sports options around the site.
After drinks though it was time to head up to the Swimming Pool and the usual malarky, competitions and convivial splashing; I even had chance to try out my new rescue aid (not an incident as such, just someone wanting to know how it worked).
YB clouds.jpg
Everyone then headed back to the dorms and the serious business of packing, tidying and cleaning before heading back down the hill with luggage in tow reading for the …… (drum roll):
Roast Dinner!
I never know quite how the cook team manage to cook a roast dinner (including the most wonderful roast potatoes) for anything up to 100 people but they do, and it is legendary.
Nicely followed by Apple Crumble and Custard! Happy Days
cook snooze.jpg
(Note to self, next year allow Cooks out of the kitchen for a snooze)
Wash up and then into our final session of worship and a look at “Walking the LIne” (another film reference) before hugs, promises to meet up again next year and the young people departing.
At this point usually fatigue hits like a baseball blow and a degree of auto pilot is needed for the massive clean up, mop and pack operation. Wonderful team though and we were all done in an hour and a quarter, so well in fact that the site manager was in the pool with his family and I had to go and fetch him before we can sign out. (Having being stood by the pool Lifeguarding all weekend I took the chance to cool-off by jumping in)
Back to Church house to unload all the equipment!
Huge tribute to the most wonderful team and their work and commitment. It’s the only camp I know where the team say, “see you next year” with such enthusiasm even as they are wearily heading towards home.
Thus it was smiles, fatigue and a knowledge that “God is Good”
Bath happened and sleep came and that was the last day