Those whose Laptops are falling apart

There is a somewhat cheesy adage that I spotted a few times (back in the day) on Christian Posters* that postulated:

“If a persons Bible is falling apart, their life probably isn’t!”

I’m hoping this postulate can be extended to laptops (not a ridiculous leap given that my laptop has a Bible on it) as a possible defence when I.T want to know why my laptop is not the prescribed and traditional shape, and why there are bits missing.
I take my laptop every where with me and thus it suffers the wear and tear alluded to in the Bible quote. It has in addition though (eek) succumbed to gravity on more than one occasion and as such is down to one hinge for the screen, sporting several cracks, has a rounded corner …… and indeed a section of the case missing leaving the PCB exposed.
Any plausible and usable excuses appreciated
(especially as this may be a second offence)
Am currently in hiding in case I.T make me pay for one of these
*You know the sort of thing, a beautiful picture that’s been somewhat spoiled by slapping a Bible Verse on it. (I’m not talking here about the sub-genre of cutesy animals which to my mind needed more obscuring)
**My thanks to Truro Sarah that the poster was not just ‘back in the day’ although the word processing format seems to have suffered in this latter day version

6 Replies to “Those whose Laptops are falling apart”

  1. lol,
    I’d like a Mac but I’m not trendy enough to be allowed in the Apple store. Also, the Diocese is wedded to PC 🙂
    Also given my record I’ll be lucky to be given an etch a sketch

  2. I think an etch a sketch would be amazing – have you ever tried blogging on one – I can never seem to get a stron enough wifi signal 😉
    I’d always advocate OSX – you can always just run parallels (Windows in a little window) for any PC only software & they’re pretty ninja…Simon says?!

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