Herding Cats

Taize and Yellow Braces are both imminent and like all Youth Leaders/Workers I am at the ‘pulling it together’ stage where it feels like herding cats as you chase up everyone and everything. A few more grey hairs methinks but all part of the fun and it will get there.
Latest challenge is one of the dorms at ‘Hill End’ being unusable, eek. Back to the drawing board with the sleeping arrangements!

4 Replies to “Herding Cats”

  1. Re:sleeping arrangements.
    My first residential away as a teenager I was billeted by the youth leader with 3 girls (the perils of being called leslie) The bad news was that the error was spotted by another leader on arrival. The good news was that 6 years later I married 1 of the girls and the other 2 were bridesmaids!

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