Top 20 Youth Ministry blogs

greenbogbutton.jpgThe Youth Ministry blogging ‘Oscars’ are just around the corner and next week will see the unveiling of the 2011 “Top 20!” Last year I made number nine which made me very happy indeed and was the cause of much smileage. But ‘9’ is a precarious position, there is room to go up…. but even more scope for sliding gracefully down.
We do have some ‘new media’ awards in this country generously hosted by Premier. However you need to self-nominate and that is not something that feels right to me, hence I haven’t. (It’s now a few years since the blog spike, so I’m the wrong side of the curve on this anyway now).
However the Top 20 Youth Ministry blogs is fab as it is assessed on influence, links, readership and voted on by peers. Being in the top 20 therefore is a HUGE honour.
Watch this space
*nervous pacing up and down begins*