This n’ that

The big focus of my work at the moment is MEND THE GAP which is now only 10 days away and the related ‘to do’ list seems to get longer, not shorter. I’m also up against the usual challenge where people don’t book in until the last minute BUT I have to order the lunches this week, so some guessing/faith/randomness is going to be involved in the number submitted. (As if I don’t have enough grey hairs already!)
slant grab.jpg
In other news, I’ve had to write a bio’ for Slant 33. I’m allowed 80 words and so far this is the best I’ve managed:
“Ian is a Youth Ministry Adviser for a Diocese in England. He is a professionally qualified youth worker who practices, trains and teaches youth ministry in a wide variety of settings. He twitters as youthblogoxford and witters as Away from the world of Youth Ministry you’ll find him enjoying his family, mountains, his V dub camper van, cycling and kayaking. He dislikes religiosity, being underground and bananas”
I think it’s a bit lame so if you are feeling creative I am very happy for you to write a better biog for me.