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I’m REALLY looking forward to the “Yellow Braces” Camp although slightly whelmed by what needs to be done yet, made more complicated by the Taize trip which is very much akin to herding cats at the moment. (I may or may not have a couple of space places if you have a 15-19 year old interested in coming and having a huge whack of the fees paid for them).
No complaints though as having two impending pieces of youth work is good for the soul and a great antidote to the desky stuff that is way too prevalent at the moment.
Very chuffed to have had a really encouraging and lovely ‘Thank You’ card in the post. This has made my day and I want to record my appreciation here (once again using my cunning encoding system), so thank you so much Tap (you know who you are and I shall miss you)
Whilst I’m doing a kind of round-robin blog post on life, the universe and the splendid nature of fruit cake, what else can I tell you?
Health is OK at the moment. Fatigue is always waiting to mug me again but I am learning which metaphorical dark alleyways to avoid. Family chaos life continues to be a great blessing full of laughter, learning, challenge and endless clearing up.
My youngest and I are off Kayaking on the river Wye this weekend! “Why?” I hear you ask and “no” I reply, “Wye!”
Caution: Emotional vulnerability imminent
It’s been nearly 18 months since my dad died and I am still grieving. Sometimes it’s just missing him and longing for him to still be there, as a person and a kind of generational anchor. Other times I find tears very close to the surface for odd and seemingly unrelated reasons, just a sort of ragg-ed emotional vulnerability and sensitivity.
It’s been interesting living with these emotions/feelings and to follow them down to their root. I’m learning a lot about myself, my faith and I think gleaning some great Youth workery stuff; a deeper empathy and connection with loss, pain or grief in others.
But even so, not easy; I can see why the Road less travelled is thus.
Life is not intrinsically safe methinks, whereas an entire yard full of Liquified Petroleum Gas, it appears, is!
intrinsically safe.jpg
(Very odd sign I thought ….. for something to be intrinsically safe is has to be safe by the very nature of what it is. Musing further: Youth work is often in settings that are not intrinsically safe …. but through leadership and skilled practice are engaged with more safely.)

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  1. I think I am experiencing the same as you – but my parents are still alive. I think its called a mid-life crisis…..

  2. Stu,
    That, as you say, is probably also true. Further amplified in that grief and loss are an alarm clock ringing a wake up to our own mortality.
    But if it wasn’t for mid life crises I wouldn’t have the Vdub Van so its not all bad 🙂
    I would very much like a curry and a beer with your good self this evening but Geography conspires against this.

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