Snakes and Ladders

Creativity is easier in the ideas than the making it happen
My idea for a giant ‘Snakes and Ladders’ installation whereby the ladders and snakes would be labelled with ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of what churches do or could do in their approach to working with young people.
To make it a workable project each ‘square’ is an A3 sheet of paper pre printed with the number and any snakes or laddery type instruction. The plan being then to add the snakes and the ladders, cut the edges and add laminate each ‘square’
Printing the 100 sheets on coloured paper went ok.
Last night began the serious business of adding snakes and ladders to them. Arrrrghghgh Chaos. Any ‘squares’ that require a snake or a ladder need laying out as a block to facilitate this. Two and a half hours last night saw only the completion of some smaller blocks comprising lesser snakes and ladders.
Managed to do 29 squares last night
Can I finish this (with everything else) by the event on Saturday? Will the laminator co-operate? Why did I start this?

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