The BBC explore the question, Why do people play music in public through a phone? Have a read here (I don’t think it’s anything new but the sound quality is not as good …. back in the day it would have been a ‘Tranny’ or a Ghetto Blaster)
Rather amusingly, Richard Gray argues that sodcasting is sociologically similar to singing in Church.

Old Macdonald had a group

The great bunch of students I work with in my capacity as “Professional Formation Group” tutor started writing a song today, reflecting on their experience of the group and the learning therein over the academic year.
Unsurprisingly “Old Macdonald had a group” formed the opening line (and the tune) but I was pleased to see that words and pharses like “intentional,” “Group work,” “informal education,” and “engendering learning” all featured ….. and even ahead of the word, “shed”
(All very difficult to get to scan but great fun with it ….helped by ‘here a competency, there a competency’ and ‘P P P P P‘ holding the thing together)
Feeling quite chuffed
This is right up with a group back in the day who had been so struck me talking about the (metaphorical) ‘tools’ we have in our youth work ‘toolbox’ that they bought me an actual Workman’s hard hat.


rachaelnjames.jpgI had such a good day on Saturday as i had the privilege of speaking at the wedding of Rachael and james, Rachael being a former member of the youth group that I was one of the leaders of.
It was just one of those great days that was a gathering together of church and community for a heartfelt celebration for a wonderful couple. It was also so good to catch up with other former members of ‘The Firm™’ (The Church Youth group) and to hear their adventures in life, faith and work. What a privilege to have been part of the lives of young people …. and then be invited to still play a part. All in all a brilliant day and I’m still grinning.
My daughter gave me some critical feedback on the address, she reflected to me (and I will attempt to learn from this) that it was “a bit random
Talking of youth work history, this amused me …. (but first the context)
I was the first employed youth worker at St Nix in Newbury (building on great work done by the volunteers) back in 1998. I served there for five years before moving onto my current role with the Diocese. In 2003 the church appointed Simon Corner who was in post until about three years ago. The current ‘Yoof Wurka’ being Paul Reisbach.
Anyway, Paul was inspired by the photos of the Rectors in the church vestry and wants to create the equivalent in the Youth department. His plan is to have my photo on the wall ‘photo-shopped’ to be a aged, sepia offering. Simon will then appear as a ‘Black and White’ picture and when Paul moves on will be commemorated with a Colour photo. I thought this was hilarious.
Definitely earning the tag, “Veteran Youth Worker”

Young leaders

A whole series of blog posts on young leaders are on the Willow blog, including contributions from James Lawrence of CPAS/Arrow fame. Well worth a read
And while we are talking about young leaders, see what teenagers in the Chelmsford Diocese have to see about Women, the church and Leadership. Animoto link

This n’ that

The big focus of my work at the moment is MEND THE GAP which is now only 10 days away and the related ‘to do’ list seems to get longer, not shorter. I’m also up against the usual challenge where people don’t book in until the last minute BUT I have to order the lunches this week, so some guessing/faith/randomness is going to be involved in the number submitted. (As if I don’t have enough grey hairs already!)
slant grab.jpg
In other news, I’ve had to write a bio’ for Slant 33. I’m allowed 80 words and so far this is the best I’ve managed:
“Ian is a Youth Ministry Adviser for a Diocese in England. He is a professionally qualified youth worker who practices, trains and teaches youth ministry in a wide variety of settings. He twitters as youthblogoxford and witters as Away from the world of Youth Ministry you’ll find him enjoying his family, mountains, his V dub camper van, cycling and kayaking. He dislikes religiosity, being underground and bananas”
I think it’s a bit lame so if you are feeling creative I am very happy for you to write a better biog for me.

Modifications to the Van

dbell press.jpg
The micro switch that operates the 12v pump for the tap has been playing up for sometime now and there can be some delay in getting the kettle on *shudder!* In the New Forest last week I had to disassemble the tap and ‘short’ the contacts with a knife before a brew was forthcoming.
Clearly some fettling and repairing was vital. On inspection he Micro switch had come to the end of its working life and needed to be retired. However a new tap with integral switch was over £30 and I wasn’t sure I could find one that was the correct fit. Ever one to improvise though I mounted a door bell switch on the side of the cooker unit and fed the wiring into that instead. Job done 🙂 12 seconds of door bell “ringing” equals enough water in the kettle for two mugs of tea. Happy Days
I wish Vanfest was before the summer not after it as I need access to the mega Vdub Auto jumble stores before the holidays not after.
BTW, How’s this for genius when a standard splitty isn’t quite big enough for your needs