Old Macdonald had a group

The great bunch of students I work with in my capacity as “Professional Formation Group” tutor started writing a song today, reflecting on their experience of the group and the learning therein over the academic year.
Unsurprisingly “Old Macdonald had a group” formed the opening line (and the tune) but I was pleased to see that words and pharses like “intentional,” “Group work,” “informal education,” and “engendering learning” all featured ….. and even ahead of the word, “shed”
(All very difficult to get to scan but great fun with it ….helped by ‘here a competency, there a competency’ and ‘P P P P P‘ holding the thing together)
Feeling quite chuffed
This is right up with a group back in the day who had been so struck me talking about the (metaphorical) ‘tools’ we have in our youth work ‘toolbox’ that they bought me an actual Workman’s hard hat.