Modifications to the Van

dbell press.jpg
The micro switch that operates the 12v pump for the tap has been playing up for sometime now and there can be some delay in getting the kettle on *shudder!* In the New Forest last week I had to disassemble the tap and ‘short’ the contacts with a knife before a brew was forthcoming.
Clearly some fettling and repairing was vital. On inspection he Micro switch had come to the end of its working life and needed to be retired. However a new tap with integral switch was over £30 and I wasn’t sure I could find one that was the correct fit. Ever one to improvise though I mounted a door bell switch on the side of the cooker unit and fed the wiring into that instead. Job done 🙂 12 seconds of door bell “ringing” equals enough water in the kettle for two mugs of tea. Happy Days
I wish Vanfest was before the summer not after it as I need access to the mega Vdub Auto jumble stores before the holidays not after.
BTW, How’s this for genius when a standard splitty isn’t quite big enough for your needs