littlepoolswim.jpgI’ll be pretty much incommunicado for the next couple of days as I’m on a Lifeguarding course ahead of the ‘Yellow Braces’ camp. I could do without being in a pool and a classroom for Monday and Tuesday but it’s important stuff so hey ho.
The good news though is that it is based at the Spa of a really posh hotel
The bad news though is I’m not staying (too expensive)
The good news though is that I’ve bought the van so i can have a snooze and a cuppa at lunchtime.
Catch up with you soon
Captains’ log supplemental. Made it through day one but looking forward to sleep. Good day in the pool but slightly weirdly we are not the only users, thus I have been asked to ‘tone down’ my instructions to the drowning ‘casuality’ especially from the side. (Really quiet role play doesn’t work methinks but hey ho).
Captains’ log supplemental, supplemental. Passed the course, Yay!