rachaelnjames.jpgI had such a good day on Saturday as i had the privilege of speaking at the wedding of Rachael and james, Rachael being a former member of the youth group that I was one of the leaders of.
It was just one of those great days that was a gathering together of church and community for a heartfelt celebration for a wonderful couple. It was also so good to catch up with other former members of ‘The Firmâ„¢’ (The Church Youth group) and to hear their adventures in life, faith and work. What a privilege to have been part of the lives of young people …. and then be invited to still play a part. All in all a brilliant day and I’m still grinning.
My daughter gave me some critical feedback on the address, she reflected to me (and I will attempt to learn from this) that it was “a bit random
Talking of youth work history, this amused me …. (but first the context)
I was the first employed youth worker at St Nix in Newbury (building on great work done by the volunteers) back in 1998. I served there for five years before moving onto my current role with the Diocese. In 2003 the church appointed Simon Corner who was in post until about three years ago. The current ‘Yoof Wurka’ being Paul Reisbach.
Anyway, Paul was inspired by the photos of the Rectors in the church vestry and wants to create the equivalent in the Youth department. His plan is to have my photo on the wall ‘photo-shopped’ to be a aged, sepia offering. Simon will then appear as a ‘Black and White’ picture and when Paul moves on will be commemorated with a Colour photo. I thought this was hilarious.
Definitely earning the tag, “Veteran Youth Worker”