Getting Fired for the Glory of God

I haven’t updated my book list on the sidebar for a while. Mainly because it never makes it very high up the ‘to do’ list and partly because it is inaccurately titled given that it doesn’t mention the constant stream of thrillers that I burn through. (Recently O.D’d on ‘Clive Cussler’ but I’m largely over that now).
But I wanted to mention that I am REALLY loving one book in particular from ‘the pile’, Getting Fired for the glory of God, the collected words of Mike Yaconelli for youth workers.
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Mark Yaconelli and this brothers and sisters have put together the collection in memory of Mike, to share his passion and perspective …. and as a fund raiser for for a school in Zimbabwe. Their main reason for the book though is given as this, “Our hope is that you may find within Dad’s writing and speaking a reminder of your own calling to love Jesus and love kids, as well as that courage to follow that calling. – even if it does mean losing your job”
Mike loved Jesus, hated hypocrisy and believed in Youth Ministry. His words continue to be a challenge, often an ‘ouch’ but laced with stories of the kingdom, and of the dangerous memory and presence of Jesus.
Reading this book transports me right back to Greenbelt in the 80’s where thousands of us would queue to hear Yaconelli talk about being a follower of Jesus in ways that made sense, didn’t ‘soft soap’ and engaged with reality and actual truth. My faith and my Youth Work are undeniably shaped by Mike and his stories.
But even if you never had the privilege of hearing Mike, I reckon this book is WELL worth a read/listen for all Youth Ministers. It’s inspiring, dangerous, provocative and fun …. but might just get you fired.

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  1. It comes with a DVD which is seriously worth watching – it gives you some extra insight into him speaking well. But that book is super-inspiring, one of the most honest & realistic youthwork books I ever read!

  2. Simon,
    I’m listening to the audio content in the car and loving it. Reminds me of my old seminar tapes from Greenbelt back in the day.
    Haven’t had chance to watch the video yet

  3. Your/God’s timing on this is incredible. I’ve bought the book, I’m now half way through and it is spiritual dynamite! Thank for flagging it up – it was desperately needed!

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