Gesticulation and Expression

A lovely lass at ‘Mend the Gap’ took lots of photos for us.
It’s been great to look through those and to have a visual summary and story of all that happened. However, one of the amusing things is the number of shots of me giving the introduction and at various stages during the day, the notices. It’s very funny to get a perspective that I’ve never had before ….. what I look like and do, when I’m speaking.
me talk 8.jpg
It has amused me so I’m uploading them in the extended entry. It seems that my arms are kept fairly busy during the process of talking 🙂

me talk 1.jpg
me talk 2.jpg
me talk 3.jpg
me talk 4.jpg
me talk 5.jpg
me talk 6.jpg
me talk 7.jpg
me talk 8.jpg
me talk 9.jpg
me talk 10.jpg

2 Replies to “Gesticulation and Expression”

  1. It’s because you are a Preacher-man.
    All preachers speak with their hands…
    I had the great privilege last year of speaking at a friends’ wedding. The official photographer took a few shots during the address. I found it slightly odd to see me in full flow!

  2. I love that you didn’t know that! You do make full use of your body in speaking!
    I have the similar trouble that there are rarely “natural” shots of me with my mouth closed when I’m not talking!

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