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The Mend the Gap event approacheth fast and I need to firm up requirements with the book stall. Please could you let me have your suggestions of books that are useful and helpful for churches rethinking, resourcing and enabling work with children and young people.
I thank you

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  1. Contemplative Youth Ministry and anything else by Mark Yaconelli I reckon. It’s the most helpful book I’ve ever read on youth ministry and always recommend it to anyone that will listen.

  2. Book called “Mend the Gap” by Jason Gardner – have a vested interest – he is my cousin!!

  3. Katie,
    We have made sure that we have ordered a BIG pile of Jasons book ….. mainly because it is relevant, but also because we inadvertently nicked his title.
    I hadn’t come across the book until we’d publicized the event. I phoned Jason to apologize 🙂 and discovered we’d both started off with ‘mind the gap’ but ended up with ‘mend the gap’

  4. As Lewis said, anything by Mark Yaconelli – I’d add to that list:Almost Christian by Dean, Youth Work after Christendom by Pimlott(s)
    I’ll keep thinking, though…

  5. Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Our Hope for the Future by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg and Steve Van Bockern
    This book really has me thinking about the vital role people who work and volunteer with youth play in the well-being of a community. While no one can replace a parent, the stable presence of an encouraging adult makes a huge difference in how a young person at risk perceives life. The book has me taking a critical look at my youth program plans to best ensure that our environment, teaching, and shared experiences foster self-sufficiency and values.

  6. That is funny! I nearly commented about Jason’s book when you first mentioned this event, but just thought you might have heard of it – also Jason has just written another book with his wife Rachel – Rise. Best wishes for your event and glad you got to chat to my lovely cousin!!

  7. I loved ‘Just Walk With Me’ by Jude Simpson. Mend the Gap was one of the few books that made it to Peru, as it is in a pile of books I must read aong with Practising Passion – Creasy Dean. Still not read either though… maybe when i don’t have so much Spanish homework!

  8. Amanda,
    Hey, great to know that you still call into the blog from Peru. It’s been good to see some pics of your adventures on FB.
    Just walk with me is a FAB book.
    Easy answer to homework vs reading = translate the books into Spanish as you go along 😉

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