A deep-end-able Lifeguard?

Mannequinretrieve.jpgI’m on a life-guarding course next week but as it is one for the hotel leisure sector, we’ll be doing the course in a hotel pool. All well and good except hotel pools tend to be so shallow that retrieving an unconscious orange mannequin from the bottom is not a huge challenge, merely a case of sympathetically reaching down … with perhaps a slight bend of the knees.
All good you might think, nice and easy … on a parr with doing an AQA exam that posts the same questions you had for the practice two months previously. However you only qualify to the depth you did your test in. A certificate that asserts you can safely rescue from depths up to18 inches is neither useful or very cool.
So, tonight I am turning up at a pool at 9pm. retrieving a ‘body’ from the deep end and gaining the signature of the lifeguard, in order that my qualification next week can be marked with a little more depth (and hence gravitas) than my training environment.
Captain’s Log Supplemental: Successfully rescued the mannequin from the Deep End of the pool and ‘Mr White and Orange Torso’ survived the experience in tact. Am now qualified to rescue mannequins, shop dummies and I guess Scarecrows if they find themselves on the bottom of a pool.

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  1. In a similar vein, at various training sessions I’ve been on, I’ve done exercises on the ‘lap-trainer.’ That is simulated key-hole surgery.
    As a consequence I am qualified to put polo mints on a straw, stack sugar cubes and open sweet wrappers using key-hole surgery.
    The first time I find sweets, sugar cubes, straws or polo mints in someone’s abdomen, I’ll let you know…

  2. For the same reason for the past two qualifications I’ve ended up picking up tango man from the bottom of the dive pit… 4.5m is a really long way down without a scuba tank 😀
    I’m intrigued by the idea of the key hole surgery… if you find such items in someone’s abdomen do you take them out or complete the puzzle and leave it there?

  3. KT, really glad I don’t have to do 4.5m!
    Ian, Great story. I never knew that abdominal surgery is akin to manipulating polos, straws and sugar cubes

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