You can confer

Just got back from the annual gathering of the Diocesan Youth Advisers hence lack of blogging, responding to e-mails and the like. This year saw us in Gloucester and staying at a hotel that was in the middle of major building work but no less hospitable for that.
It’s been a fantastic time with some great input from Jenny Baker, Bishop Mike of Bristol and Youth work legend Dave Wiles. Great too to just ‘hang’ with a gifted and wonderful bunch of ministers all of whom work to make a difference to young people in and through the Church.
Feel shattered (too much talking) but at the same time (and not as contradictory as it sounds) refreshed by the time away in such a great atmosphere of faith, friendship and fun (excuse unintentional alteration).
We had some free time of the Tuesday afternoon and the mountain biking contingent amongst the network headed into the Forest of Dean and rode an awesome single track loop (some sections were so much fun we rode them several times). Fab time, all the more so for me as I was riding my new bike, that I’d bought on the way to the conference.
The major focus of our time away was exploring what refreshment and rest was/is/looks-like for us as ministers. What it means to live a ministry and rhythm of life where we live from the centre not the external, and where there is faithful work but less of the frenetic sense of ‘hurry.’ Much useful exploration and I think some useful mutual accountability.
Anyway, I’m back! What have I missed?