Yes to AV

I’m going to be voting for AV on Thursday as given only two choices I believe it to be a better system than the ‘first past the post’ arrangement we currently have.
I had a surreal moment whilst wandering through Newbury Market last week. I found myself talking to the Conservative MP and discussing AV (he instigated the discussion not me). I held firmly to being a ‘yes’ voter and he argued the ‘NO’ position. We agreed to differ. Bizarrely I was then grabbed by the Guardian newspaper for an interview and then the ‘Newbury Weekly News’ Hilarious.
It is a source of frustration that the ‘No’ campaign seem to be winning with a very weak (and at times fatuous) argument … and by exploiting people’s confusion. This also serves to hide the real issue that ‘FPTP’ favours and rewards large party politics and limits a breadth of voice.
So, to anyone who doesn’t understand what is at stake, I will take the unusual approach of allowing some cats to explain it. Please watch this (it will make you smile but it will help)

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  1. It seems to me that if more than 50% want a particular candidate than today’s system and AV give the same result. It only makes a difference if the candidate with the most votes has less than 50%, ie most people don’t want him/her.
    On top of that I’m a bit shocked about how the “no” arguments are emotive and misleading.
    So I’m voting ‘yes.’
    Anyway, enough politics – happy Star Wars day.

  2. John,
    totally with you on your summary and conclusion.
    I have found the ‘no’ campaign frustratingly misleading and was really shocked at the arguments our local conservative MP was using in his photo opportunity grab a pedestrian chat with me.
    I greatly fear though that we have been backed into a position where electoral reform will not happen and worse it will be politically decided that that is the end of the discussion.
    Bah, humbug

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