Unbearable lightness of being

I thought I’d share my daughters’ greeting to me this morning:
“Of all your diet fads dad, that is the weirdest!”
Admittedly I was drinking a glass of warm water with a quarter of tea spoon of cayenne pepper mixed in, but hey it’s worth a try. And … as a fringe benefit, it wakes you up even faster than coffee.
‘Tis a good day and glorious to be driving to work with blue sky as far as the eye can see. Further enhanced by Meatloaf playing on the stereo (the only niggle being that the song “I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that!)”, should really be rendered, given the narrative of the song, “I’d do anything for love (and I won’t do that!)”
Anyway in order to share the conviviality created by pepper, blue sky and Rock I offer you the following feel-good link.
Put the sound on, click on the link, sit back ….. watch the whole thing and I defy you not to be chuckling merrily.
Ready, ok …. Click HERE! Enjoy
Hope you smiled, chuckled, laughed … perhaps even a guffaw or three
(ht to Woy Woy vicar and Ozzy)

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  1. This is so good I came back for a second day to have a watch! Was quite upset when the phone rang just before the end. Can you get the PALS committee to book him for my leaving do??!!

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