The Life of a Youth Adviser

The plan for Friday was to get up early and head out to Buckinghamshire and a meeting with someone we’ll call X. Although we weren’t scheduled to meet until 10:30 the early start was a good plan meaning no traffic jams and a couple of hours in a wayside Cafe near to the venue getting copious amounts of work done whilst imbibing a series of coffees. I’d also cunningly scheduled in a meeting with someone we’ll assign the letter “Y” to, on the office-bound journey, neatly planned for 12:30 on the outskirts of Oxford and very much on the route.
All well and good until on Thursday night I had a text asking for a reschedule and a venue change, now 12 midday at Thame. I thought this must be from X so texted back that as I already had a 12:30 I couldn’t do this and we’d need to schedule an alternative.
Hence on Friday I headed up to the office secure in the knowledge that I was free until 12:30, yay. At 09:30 just as I was starting to get somewhere I had a call from Y asking if I was really sure I couldn’t meet today thus revealing the texter to be “y” and not as I’d assumed, “X”
Realisation dawned that I’d told Y I couldn’t meet (for the absurd reason that I would be busy in a meeting with “Y”) whilst X knew nothing of my idiocy and would be waiting for me as planned at 10:30. Doh!
Dashed out of the office and made it to the 10:30 in the nick of time.
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