The answer is discipleship

The answer is discipleship!
But what’s the question?
I was with an awesome bunch of young people recently who are really involved in the life of their church and have recently been involved in some gutsy evangelism.
We were talking about discipleship and a great discussion ensued. The interesting thing though was that what discipleship might really mean, look like and require was not apparent in the discussion. Felt like the start of something important and I learnt a lot from their engagement … and perspective on this. (I’m also very aware that the output may have been flawed because I failed to articulate a useful picture of what I was getting at)
Musing that ‘discipleship’ is part of the lingua franca of the church ….. but how much is the meaning, application and practice something that is owned and understood.
Driving time today I think will be playing with defining an understanding (and resultant practice) for my own use.
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