Recycling some old stories

Who’d of thought that my past capers on cycles could be useful?
Went to a leaving ‘do’ on Friday night which was great fun. Some of my co-workers brought their children with them and I ended up chatting to them for a goodly proportion of the time. Towards the end of the evening I was sitting in the hallway with a number of them and a lively and fun eight year old asked for a story. ‘Fair does’ I thought, and experimented with a number of options including fun poems and the like, none of which were quite hitting the required approval factor. I was then asked very specifically, by the same girl, for stories which were true, about me and were funny and embarrassing. The only thing I could think of was too re-tell one of my cycling, mishaps, disasters or crashes, which I duly did with a degree of re-enactment (at least as far as is possible with out a bike). This seemed to really hit the spot and muchly laughter and requests for further stories ensued. It turned into a hilarious few minutes, only topped by hearing the children re-telling the stories to their parents.
I’m not defecting to being a children’s work BUT it was a lot of fun 🙂
Sunday saw the first service for our New Rector at St Nix. Fab occasion and much excitement among the whole congregation as we welcomed Will and Ellen. Also a rather good time of tea and cake afterwards (ministry time as I like to call it) where I sat and chatted to some of the teens …… with no need to pedal old stories at all.
(Encouragingly, It has been agreed that I am not yet too old to where my Converse wannabes yet!)
Rather chuffed to have had an e-mail from Marko asking me to write for Slant 33. Am working on a piece on the redemptive uses of cycle crashes in Youth and Children’s ministry. lol