Mobile Office

Am working remotely today as I was in Berkshire with the CYM student group this morning …. and then by the time I was free, the A34N was gummed up with some sort of ‘incident’ (again). I had to get out of the house in order to get work done so I’m in the mobile office up on the common 🙂
3G dongle on roof
Laptop working off Battery
Kettle on
Stereo Playing
All equaling me connected, happy and productive. In fact this is SO much better than trying to work in the communal office I might have to do it more often.
mobile office.jpg
I do like the sociability and informal networking of our open plan office but I don’t find it very easy to work with. Always make me laugh when people ask about ‘my’ office at Church House. On the plus side we have now got a proper meeting room rather than a cupboard with chairs in. I’m also profoundly glad we have such good IT and that on top of that I invest in a 3G connection for the laptop.
Oh, gotta go …. Kettle’s boiled

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  1. Si,
    Guilty as charged! A mad emotional purchase that turns out to be rather wonderful …. after spending a lot of money on it.
    Charlie is the stupidest and the best thing I’ve ever bought.

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