Making me smile

If I’m driving home at a ‘normal’ time I always enjoy the drivetime show on Radio 2 hosted by DJ legend, Simon Mayo. I was about to head out of the office yesterday just ahead of the 5pm start and thought I’d tweet something for the shows’ “Three word Monday” slot. Was very chuffed when Simon mayo opened the show with a selection of the listeners three word reports with mine being the first!
“Happily heading home, says Ian”
This made me smile 🙂
Also making me smile is finally getting a new battery for the ‘flicker clicker’ gadget on the car key that unlocks the doors. I can now open up and shut down from quite a long way away rather than faffing around with the keyhole.
(lol, this paragrapgh is worthy of a guest post on the ‘dullest blog in the world” methinks)

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