It’s not rocket science

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If you were to put a session together on youth work entitled, “It’s not Rocket science”
to explore the basic heart of working successfully with young people, what would you want to include?
I ask this question because I’m putting together a session on youth work entitled, “It’s not Rocket science”

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  1. It’s about authenticity, and so if you don’t want to know more about Jesus you can’t expect others to.
    It’s about Jesus.
    And at its core, in principle, the gospel is pretty simple. It is fear that stops people living it.

  2. I would suggest its about quality time. (To use another cliche!) I ran a survey with young people from across the country about what they liked and didn’t like about the youth groups they were involved in. There were different activities that came up but in each group there were comments like: ‘She always says hi when we come in even if she is really busy.’ ‘She sends a text to check if we are ok.’ ‘She remembers what we were worried about last week and asks us about it.’
    In my previous life as a teacher I once was given the advice to make sure you speak to every young person in the lesson ideally to encourage them. In youthwork I think this is even more important although the less formal setting can make it a challenge unless you get involved with the activities that the young people are doing.

  3. all the above are great and true, for me, having lead a 16+ group for this last couple of yeas, we need to give young people space and time to explore and investigate for their own faith. programmed teaching doesn’t give them anything to hold on too, all it gives is information. there is a distinct difference between knowing and experiencing, understanding and living it out, and most youth work has been good, actually great at the first of each of these, but not quite so good in the second.

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