Grumpy old youth worker

I am working on the spiritual discipline of not descending into the realm of “Grumpy old man” but society continually invents new ways to test my resolve in this matter. I am, I think, blessed with starting from the advantage of being fairly happy-go-lucky…. but the Retailers of planet High St seem to be spectacularly adept at provoking grumpiness in me.
Here (for my cathartic benefit) are my top three wind-ups delivered by shops.
1. The Maze! I loathe, hate and detest having my route through a shop (and especially to the cash desk) controlled by a Maze that ensures I walk three times as far as required – past as many ‘bargains, pseudo-offers and display gumpf as the shop can possibly promote.
I find myself wanting to (and once managing to) climb over these cattle pen herding aids!
2. The new generation of plastic gift vouchers. Not, you understand, bad in and of themselves. The problem is because they are no electronic, lots of the shops arbitrarily declare them to be of no value after a certain time …. and just wipe or decrease the value from the card because you didn’t use it within the “it’s in the small print on the back” timescale. Vue and HMV have both stung me on this.
I find myself wanting to call the police because the shop have stolen my money ( …. I believe this should be the correct response)
3. And this is probably my biggest ‘bug bear!’ You go to buy something and the cashier asks if you would like to by x, Y and Z or todays special offer etc at the same time.
I think I am going to start carrying raffle tickets, petitions and the like with me and for every item I am being sold that I did’t want or ask for, I will spend 5 minutes taking the time to encourage the cashier to buy said a raffle ticket or sign my petition.
Here endeth the rant

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  1. I wrote a whole list of things to rant about then deleted them because to sum it up…I am soooooo out of synch with popular culture and consumerism.Actually its liberating and I like not fitting.

  2. Pat,
    I have been trying not to rant for sometime but HMV randomly declaring that the money on my voucher no longer existed pushed me over the edge into this rather negative blog post
    *laughing* largely back to normal now
    Pat, you are a prophet and a voice of wisdom. Keep ‘not fitting’

  3. Ian,
    Take the raffle tickets next time, I would love to see you pull them out of your back pocket and the face of the sales assistant!

  4. How about banks/call centre: “is there anything else I can help you with?”…when they’ve not helped you in the slightest already…yeah sure, pop on round & help me; mow my lawn/pay my rent/do the dishes/clean my car/straighten my ears/buy me dinner etc. etc.

  5. or the new human-less-interactivity of the self-checkouts…which keep talking to you to tell you how much you don’t know how to be a supermarket worker/human – insert monies now, take you items, don’t put them there, you can’t by this glue/alcohol/games magazine/ibruprofen gel/etc. unless you have proof of age, shoe size, original hair colour etc. raaaaaah!!

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