Barefoot disciple

I still haven’t finished reading “Barefoot Disciple” by Stephen Cherry …… but I will. It’s a wise, challenging and well written book on “walking the way of passionate humility
It’s a book I am reading slowly as it is producing much musing. Had to post this quote though:
“To aspire to humility is paradoxical to the point of being contradictory, counter-cultural to the the point of being laughable, and difficult to the point of being impossible. Put this was, we can perhaps see why it lies at the heart of Christian discipleship and therefore Christian learning. The pursuit of humility sets us off on a journey as strange and unfashionable today as Jesus’ mission proved to be in his day. There is glory in it; but not the sort the world seeks. There is wisdom in it; but not the sort the world knows. There is learning in it; but not the sort the world esteems.
Aspiring to humility is, of course, an impossible dream to realise. But it is not a vain dream. Rather, it us the dream that all vanity will end”