Mobile Office

Am working remotely today as I was in Berkshire with the CYM student group this morning …. and then by the time I was free, the A34N was gummed up with some sort of ‘incident’ (again). I had to get out of the house in order to get work done so I’m in the mobile office up on the common 🙂
3G dongle on roof
Laptop working off Battery
Kettle on
Stereo Playing
All equaling me connected, happy and productive. In fact this is SO much better than trying to work in the communal office I might have to do it more often.
mobile office.jpg
I do like the sociability and informal networking of our open plan office but I don’t find it very easy to work with. Always make me laugh when people ask about ‘my’ office at Church House. On the plus side we have now got a proper meeting room rather than a cupboard with chairs in. I’m also profoundly glad we have such good IT and that on top of that I invest in a 3G connection for the laptop.
Oh, gotta go …. Kettle’s boiled

Barefoot disciple

I still haven’t finished reading “Barefoot Disciple” by Stephen Cherry …… but I will. It’s a wise, challenging and well written book on “walking the way of passionate humility
It’s a book I am reading slowly as it is producing much musing. Had to post this quote though:
“To aspire to humility is paradoxical to the point of being contradictory, counter-cultural to the the point of being laughable, and difficult to the point of being impossible. Put this was, we can perhaps see why it lies at the heart of Christian discipleship and therefore Christian learning. The pursuit of humility sets us off on a journey as strange and unfashionable today as Jesus’ mission proved to be in his day. There is glory in it; but not the sort the world seeks. There is wisdom in it; but not the sort the world knows. There is learning in it; but not the sort the world esteems.
Aspiring to humility is, of course, an impossible dream to realise. But it is not a vain dream. Rather, it us the dream that all vanity will end”

The answer is discipleship

The answer is discipleship!
But what’s the question?
I was with an awesome bunch of young people recently who are really involved in the life of their church and have recently been involved in some gutsy evangelism.
We were talking about discipleship and a great discussion ensued. The interesting thing though was that what discipleship might really mean, look like and require was not apparent in the discussion. Felt like the start of something important and I learnt a lot from their engagement … and perspective on this. (I’m also very aware that the output may have been flawed because I failed to articulate a useful picture of what I was getting at)
Musing that ‘discipleship’ is part of the lingua franca of the church ….. but how much is the meaning, application and practice something that is owned and understood.
Driving time today I think will be playing with defining an understanding (and resultant practice) for my own use.
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Making me smile

If I’m driving home at a ‘normal’ time I always enjoy the drivetime show on Radio 2 hosted by DJ legend, Simon Mayo. I was about to head out of the office yesterday just ahead of the 5pm start and thought I’d tweet something for the shows’ “Three word Monday” slot. Was very chuffed when Simon mayo opened the show with a selection of the listeners three word reports with mine being the first!
“Happily heading home, says Ian”
This made me smile 🙂
Also making me smile is finally getting a new battery for the ‘flicker clicker’ gadget on the car key that unlocks the doors. I can now open up and shut down from quite a long way away rather than faffing around with the keyhole.
(lol, this paragrapgh is worthy of a guest post on the ‘dullest blog in the world” methinks)

Woolhope Cockshoot

Saturday saw me at Woolhope Cockshoot for the trustees meeting (the place you’ll have probably/often heard me refer to as the best small youth residential centre in the known universe).
woolhope screen grab.jpg
The centre is 40 years old this year and still going strong, providing a great place for youth groups to live and celebrate faith and community together. All good, but there aren’t some significant challenges for us as the trustees!
The centre brings in enough to cover it’s annual running costs but not enough at the moment to cover significant capital spends. It’s a difficult balancing act working hard to keep the centre as affordable for groups as possible and maintaining/developing/improving it well. Thankfully we are really helped by the vast majority of groups who take a real pride in being part of Woolhope in the way that they use it as well as cleaning and tidying the centre ready for the next visitors.
We’ve done a lot of work over the last few years to develop and improve the centre but are suddenly faced with the double whammy of a section of the roof needing replacing and the boiler unlikely to make it through another winter, ouch.
You can stay in touch via the website, twitter (@woolhopecentre) or signing up to “Friends of Woolhope
Here’s to the next 40 years

Looking for a female youth worker

Taize ian sign.jpg
I’ve got a trip to Taize heading out of England on 23rd July and returning in the early hours of August 1st. I’m short of a female leader and wondered if you (yes YOU*) are up for it?
Also I have some bursaries to help 15 – 21year olds in the Diocese who would benefit from coming …. if you are now thinking of someone, be in touch.

* If you are a bloke and reading the ‘is it you?’ then no it’s not